We can do amazing things with your old/ damaged photos

and documents. We use a variety of image editing techniques to remove damage and aging effects from the digital copies of your physical photographs. The scanning & restoration work is all done here at On the Wall and we do everything with the utmost commitment and respect. Our prices start at $20.95 for simple repairs & color adjustments.

Professional Photo Editing and Restoration - with Ben Swensen 

Services We Offer:

Repair Tears, Scratches, & Cracks

Repair Damage from Sun, Water, & Mold

Restore Faded Photos

Color Correction

Colorize Black & White Photos

Recreation of Missing Pieces

Photo Enhancement

Scanning & Repair of Damaged Documents

Come and meet with Ben Swenson
in Graphics / Printing Services
at On The Wall - Frames, Mirrors, Art, and Printing
1916 E. McFadden Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 543-9811

Photo courtesy Susan Toda one of our wonderful clients.