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Same day frame and mat cutting. Fine art conservation framing, Needlepoint framing specialists, Sports Jerseys, Posters and Prints, Mirrors. Huge selection of ready made and photo frames and Pre-Cut mats so you can get it and go!

 Quantity discounts. Framing for artist's, photographer's, and interior designers.

For digital printing and to search for art check out our new website 

Free Pick-Up and Delivery Photo Restoration Sports Memorabilia framing
WARNING: Framing at On The Wall is highly addictive. 

Welcome to the ultimate frame shop. We strive to provide the widest selection of frame options, services, and hard to find items at the best value. You’ll enjoy the things we frame for you so much, you will want to do more.

The skilled craftsmen at On The Wall are all Professional Picture Framers Association Certified Picture Framers, and have been creating top quality custom frames since 1980. Our goal is to collaborate with you to create a treasured item that will last beyond a lifetime. With our Picture It First visualization system we show you what the finished art will look like at the design table. Very few custom frame shops or big box stores offer Picture It First.

Whatever your framing needs are we can satisfy them:

Fast and cheap? We got inexpensive ready made frames, pre-cut mats and clear glass that we can put together while you wait. Also our extensive economy collection of in stock custom frames and mats can be done the same day!

Looking for a source for large quantities of frames at the best price? Talk to us we can give you substantial discounts depending on the quantities.

Are you an artist, interior designer, or reseller looking for a good reliable wholesale frame source? Let us give you a quote; you don’t have to put up with inferior quality, service, and missed deadlines.  You can count on us. Plus we can print out or email designs that you can show your client.

Need art for the office, and would like to have it installed also. We do art consultation, framing, and art installation to fit your budget.

Need a framed mirror made an exact size for a bathroom and have it installed? We have a great selection of frames. You can even borrow the frame samples to look at on site. We will even come to your home and help you decide the final size and make all the measurements. We have even installed beveled mirrors with holes cut out for light or plumbing fixtures. We install onto tile, brick, concrete, and lathe & plaster walls. We use z-bar to ensure that the mirror lays flat against the wall and will not fall down.

Need security hangers for items that will be in an unsecured area? We can professionally install framed art and mirrors securely without unsightly hardware showing and they will be level and flat against the wall.

Do you have “no imagination”? We’ll help you frame your items in ways that will impress your friends, and within your budget. We can create awesome designs, and have the skills and equipment to do things most other framers cannot. If you got the budget we carry the high end frames also.

Do you have a damaged, faded, or dirty painting on canvas, or paper or photo? For canvases we have a expert cleaner and art restorer, also expert paper restoration, and do in house photo restoration. Please bring it in for a free quote.

Is your frame damaged or missing sections? We do frame restoration and refinishing in house. Please bring it in for a free quote.

Do you have fine art graphic, limited edition print, giclee, or original art, irreplaceable, or valuable items? We offer the most advanced conservation framing techniques, with ultra-violet filtered Tru-Vue Museum Glass or acrylic to preserve your treasure.

Would you like to display your collection that includes 3 dimensional items? We can help you put it all together, including providing plaques and nameplates, and restoring damaged and faded photos. Don’t let your treasures languish in a box or drawer any longer; enjoy them every day.

Do you have needlepoint, cross stitch, or other needle art and want it stretched straight and properly? We are the best. We have clients from here to New York that send us items to design and frame. No one does it better.

Do you have a sports jersey? We have done hundreds of jerseys from very simple to incredible shadowbox displays. If you have a signed jersey we highly recommend ultra-violet filtered glass or acrylic to prevent it from fading.

Do you just need some frame, security, or picture hanging hardware? We have an extensive selection in stock.

Do you have a oversized artwork? We can pick it up, frame it, deliver, and install it.

Are you short on time or not local so you can’t come to the store? With our Picture It First visualization system you can see what the finished frame will look like with your art. You don’t have to come in. We have clients that we either pick-up their art, or they send it to us and we email them back several designs to choose from. Once they decide we can deliver or ship the finished framed art back to them. We guaranty the work, even the design. If you are not happy with the design we will redo it for free, you would only pay more for a more expensive design. We pick up and deliver to Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Inland Empire.


On The Wall continually strives to be an innovative art and framing leader. We attend the biggest art and frame show every year to purchase the most advanced equipment and take workshops and seminars. On The Wall is primarily Robert Oberlin CPF (certified picture framer) and his 3 sisters Stephanie, Weni, and Dory. Stephanie CPF primarily makes the frames and does frame restoration. Weni CPF is the wizard of mat cutting, mounting and fitting, with the computerized mat cutter she can do things many frame shops are incapable of ding even if they have the same machine, she is also why we are so popular with needlepointer’s because she does such a fabulous job blocking and stretching their artwork. Dory CPF is capable throughout the shop and is an accomplished and popular frame designer.